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Acer (maples)


Species                                                                                                                              ZONES
Acer buergerianum                                                                          5-9
(Trident maple, Three-toothed maple)
Medium sized spreading deciduous tree
Acer saccharum                                                                                   3-8
(Sugar maple, rock maple, hard maple)
A deciduous large sized tree with brilliant fall color.
       'Bonfire'   Zones 3-8
       Large tree with nice fall color.
       'Commemoration'   Zones 3-8
       Large tree with nice fall color.
       'Green Mountain'   Zones 3-8
       Large tree with beautiful autumn color.
       'Legacy'   Zones 3-8
       Large tree with great autumn color.
Acer triflorum                                                                                       4-8
(Three-flower Maple)
A small ornamental tree with vivid orange-red foliage in the fall.

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