Searching by plant name: Type any part of a plant name into the box and click Search
you can use:
the common namei.e. Holly
Latin name (botanical or taxonomic) i.e. ilex
Cultivar name,   i.e. ilex x meserveae 'Blue Prince'  
                   ilex = genus, x meserveae = species,  'Blue Prince' = cultivar

More results will be displayed if you type in the plant type name instead of the plant
(i.e. "holly" rather than "Blue Prince Holly" or "juniper" instead of "canaartii juniper"

Searching by keyword:    Type in a word(s) that might be familiar with the plant you are looking for.  Narrow your search by choosing a word pertaining to the plant you are looking for but be prepared for more results this way.  for instance "rose"  is a common name for a shrub but it is also a color.  Keyword searching searches all the fields in the database.