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Storkamp Florist Supply  --  9255 Wellington Lane   --  Maple Grove, MN    55369
Phone: 612.425.3599   Fax: 612.425.9246   Email: ROGSTOR@AOL.COM
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SFS is the division of Storkamp Florist Supply that is specifically and uniquely developed for individuals and retailers who wish to purchase birch products at wholesale prices.   Orders can be confirmed either through email or telephone.   Freight cost will be calculated and added to the bill.  Prepayment can be made to avoid COD charges.

All SFS products are of quality white birch cuttings, specifically selected for their natural character.  They can be displayed in their natural state or enhanced with silks or dried naturals.  All the raw material used in these birch products has been gathered from trees that were already felled for other purposes such as pulp, lumber or fire wood.  You can bring the natural beauty of the birch tree to your home knowing that your purchase has not damaged the environment in any way.   Birch will retain its beauty and form for many years before you recycle it back to nature.
Wreaths:     take me to the Wreaths Page



Heart-shaped (4 sizes)

Round-shaped (7 sizes)

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Birch Branches:    take me to the Branches page



Branches w/buds (5 sizes)

Birch Trunks & Logs:          take me to the logs and trunks page


Logs (3 sizes)

Trunks or poles (5 sizes)

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Fences:          take me to the Fences page

Fences (3 sizes)

Direct all questions, comments or orders to:
Phone:  (612)  425  3599     or
Fax:      (612)  425  9246     or
E mail:   Rogstor@aol.com